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Bacon Avocado Soldiers and Dippy Eggs

Crisp around the outside, soft and creamy in the middle and covered with crunchy, golden parmesan, these bacon avocado chunks make a great breakfast when teamed up with a soft boiled egg and freshly baked sourdough.

It’s no secret that bacon and avocado go together like copy and paste, so it can’t be much of a surprise that I am always keen to experiment with new ways to bring them together – especially if it means keeping things interesting when placating my children.

It wasn’t long ago that our bandwagon-leaping three-year-old declared his love for eggs (despite having never actually sampled one). This doctrine was broadcast with such conviction one Sunday morning upon the sight of a regular carton of eggs sitting on the bench, that we thought it prudent to call his bluff and satiate his desire then and there.

With little effort, we slapped together some basic ‘eggs and soldiers’, expecting the novelty to last a literal two seconds before my husband would be inevitably left to Hoover the leftovers. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised when Mr Three dipped those soldiers into his runny egg with such gusto, that he finished the meal, ending as equally full as the dining room was filthy.

Great result! But what to do when Mr. Three is inevitably bored with plain old ‘egg and toast’?

My answer is to change things up a little.

I adore avocado. I just can’t get enough of it. So with this (and the knowledge that everything is better wrapped in bacon), I got crackin’ on a new vessel for which to get dippy with our eggs.

Bacon wrapped avocado slices might just be the coolest homemade breakfast snack ever. With only two main ingredients, they can be popped into the oven in minutes, with the end result a tantalizing packet of crispy bacon, filled with creamy avocado. The addition of bitey parmesan adds a nifty layer of punch also. And the best part? They are just as good for adults as they are for fussy kids, so it’s a win-win.

The tricky thing about avocado is, that if it heats for too long, the end result is quite bitter. As such, the secret to these soldiers is to get as much of the avocado wrapped in the bacon as possible. Then, get it as crispy as possible, as quickly as possible. This could sound a little daunting when dealing with an ingredient like avocado but don’t worry – although the ‘meat’ of this awesome fruit is very soft, it still holds up quite well to the high heat of the grill, and stays surprisingly stable without melting.

When choosing your bacon, go for pasture-raised pork. Pigs that are free to graze on grass, insects, berries and roots, whilst running around to their hearts’ content are naturally in better health, and also much better for you.

Ultimately, these astute little soldiers serve not just as a breakfast or brunch dish, but (sans-egg) would also go down well as a comforting party snack that you can enjoy with your friends on game day. I can only imagine they would pair beautifully with a classic ranch dressing, washed down with a super-cold pale ale.

Oh, and it turns out they are gluten free, low carb and paleo to boot.

Bacon Avocado Soldiers and Dippy Eggs

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Serves: 4
Cooking Time: Prep Time: 30 minutes | Cook Time: 15 minutes


  • 2 ripe avocados (firm)
  • 300g streaky bacon
  • 2 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese
  • 4 free range eggs
  • Sourdough, sliced, to serve



Cut avocadoes in half lengthways and remove the stones. Slice each avocado length ways, about 2.5cm apart through the flesh and down to the skin. With a spoon, carefully remove the flesh so it comes out in large chunks.


Slice each rasher of bacon in half lengthways, and wrap each chunk of avocado in two or three pieces until it is well covered.


Sprinkle each piece of bacon wrapped avocado liberally with grated parmesan cheese.


Preheat grill to its highest setting.


Place the wrapped avocado chunks onto a baking tray and place under the grill as close to the heat as possible.


Turn intermittently and allow bacon to crisp all over, but watch closely as from here it can burn quickly.


Soft boil the eggs by adding them to a saucepan and covering them with tap water. Bring to the boil and allow to cook for about five minutes before immediately removing and running under cold water to halt further cooking.


Place the eggs into egg cups and allow to cool slightly before removing the tops.


Serve with the soldiers and toasted sourdough.


Remembering that the longer the avocado is under the heat, the more likely it will turn bitter. As such, look for quite thinly sliced bacon, and stretch the bacon out first before wrapping around the fruit.

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